About the Company


Business Media Georgia is a multimedia resource that brings together news about business and economics in both TV programs and online. Business Media Georgia's TV products are: "Course Course", "Analytics", "Business Dialogue", "Women's Narrative." BMG's shows can be shown live on TV Pirveli daily.The news agency BM.ge offers readers Information on the economy and business innovations in the country and abroad, as well as to the readers Mixture analysis of events, interviews with persons working in the area and the main news of the day. The website offers its readers shows: "Course", "Analytics" "Women narrative" and "Good Business" video story. Our goal is to deliver objective and exclusive information to readers and viewers.

On BM.ge, readers can get acquainted with local and international trade data on various currencies. A special calculator operates on the website, which makes it convenient for consumers to convert them into the desired currency.

BM.ge is a resource that provides customers with text and video footage (LIVE) on business and economy news in the country.