21.Jan .2020 17:37

$ 78 MLN was spent on electricity import to Georgia in 2019 – it heats the record high

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According to Geostat, Georgia spent the largest amount of sum on electricity import in 2019 in last 20 year. The figure amounts to 78 million 327, 1 thousand USD.

According to the given data, the country spent 3.4% more on electricity import (75 million 327, 1 thousand USD) comparing to 2018.

According to the electricity market operator, electricity import increased by 7.8% to 1 billion 626.5 million kWh in Georgia in 2019.

In the case of need, Georgia received electricity from Russia (524.5 million kWh) and Azerbaijan (1102.0 million kWh) last year. Specifically, imports from Russia increased by 153% last year, while from Azerbaijan decreased by 10%.

Exports are down comparing to 2018, almost 59% less electricity was sold last year from Georgia (243.4 million kWh).