25.Dec .2019 15:01

GOGC is lowering the social gas price

 GOGC is lowering the social gas price
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Georgia Oil and Gas Corporation reduces price of social gas, - Gocha Shonia, member of the GNERC told BM.GE.
BM.GE got interested in how much GEL depreciation will affect the new consumer tariff for natural gas.

However, Gocha Shonia explained that this factor will be counterbalanced by the decrease in the price of social gas by the Oil and Gas Corporation. The gas acquired from SOCAR in USD is reflected on the consumer tariff.

“There is a case of national currency depreciation. Last year we envisaged exchange rate of GEL (1 USD/2.66 GEL). Tbilisi Energy reduces the cost in the part of social gas. The Oil and Gas Corporation, as a social gas-holding company, is reducing its value, and this has offset the difference in supply”, Shonia said.