25.Jun .2021 13:30

There Are Over 12,000 Buildings In Tbilisi, Which Are Not Commissioned – Maia Bitadze

There Are Over 12,000 Buildings In Tbilisi, Which Are Not Commissioned – Maia Bitadze
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The Parliament is discussing the changes to the Spatial Planning, Architecture and Construction Code. The draft law regulates the issue of functioning without commissioning the building. By adopting the bill, the owners of completed facilities will be able to register their property not as under construction, unfinished, but as completed.

Maia Bitadze, Chair of the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee declares that there have been problems with buildings, which are not commissioned for almost twenty years and their status in the Public Registry is “unfinished”.

As she said, multi-story buildings have violated such conditions of the construction permit, as a ramp inclination, cladding material, open spaces and etc., which cannot be repaired if the object is not demolished.

“However, people live in such buildings for twenty years. There are about 12,000 such facilities, which are not commissioned. Amnesty is the only way for the state to put the facilities into operation without demolition, but not unconditionally," she said.

According to her, within the framework of the amnesty, the interested person must submit to the municipality the seismic resistance of the facility, fire safety, and expert conclusions of the internal construction facilities, after which the review procedures will begin.

According to him, in order not to create a similar problem in the future, certain articles must be tightened in the law.

"We almost doubled fines on violation of permit conditions two years ago and imposed penalties of 20-25-30 000 GEL. However, developers were violating those conditions intentionally or unintentionally. We therefore impose criminal liability if the developer continues to violate the construction permit after being fined twice”, - Maia Bitadze declares.

Bitadze notes, that in addition, a new condition for commissioning will be introduced, which takes effect in January 2022.

“This is a restriction on electricity and gas supply. Because today we have cases when the facility is not finished yet and people live there," she said.