26.Nov .2019 13:54

1 USD Costs 2,9820 GEL in Bloomberg’s Trading System

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As a result of trading, held on November 26, lari depreciated against US dollar. At the moment, 1 USD costs 2.9820 GEL in the Bloomberg's trading system. About an hour ago, the price of 1 USD was 2.8980 GEL for a short time.

This is not an official exchange rate yet; it will be published by the National Bank of Georgia at 17:00 p.m. If the official exchange rate is above 2.9808, it will mean that today GEL rate will depreciate against USD at a historic maximum.

The official exchange rate is 2.9753 USD.

Yesterday, the GEL devaluated by 0.04 tetri against USD on November 25, while strengthened against by 1.29 tetri. According to the official exchange rate, 1 EUR costs 3.277 GEL.