14.Sep .2021 14:00

10% of Borrowers Hold Bank’s Overdue Loans

10% of Borrowers Hold Bank’s Overdue Loans
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Creditinfo Georgia published statistics, which show that 10% of bank borrowers in Georgia have overdue loans.

The statistics include overdue loans from 30 days to 3 years. According to the data, today banks have 1.59 million active borrowers, with a total loan portfolio of 26.88 billion. Among them, 160,447 borrowers have overdue loans of GEL 1.15 billion from 30 days to 3 years.

According to statistics, the number of borrowers, who have overdue loans, is 10% of the total number of borrowers, while the volume of their overdue liabilities is 4% of the loans issued. A high rate of overdue loans is observed in the segment of micro-loans.

According to Creditinfo, the average amount of overdue loans is GEL 7,169.

Creditinfo statistics also contain data on MFOs and other lending entities besides banks. According to it, a total of 558,109 active loans are registered in these facilities, the volume of which is 1.76 billion GEL. Of these, 18% or 100,245 borrowers, have overdue loans. The total volume of these loans is 233 million GEL, which is 13% of the issued portfolio. According to statistics, the average amount of one overdue loan is 2,321 GEL.

As for new arrears, overdue loans were registered to 7,890 new borrowers in the banking system in August, while 7,048 new overdue loans were registered in August in other lending entities.