28.Jul .2021 14:00

14,210 COIVD-Jabs Were Administrated In The Last 24 Hours

14,210 COIVD-Jabs Were Administrated In The Last 24 Hours
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Statistics show, that 14,210 coronavirus jabs were administrated in the last 24 hours, which was a record number of shots given. As a result, the number of fully vaccinated citizens amounted to 432,795. Over 19,000 jabs should be administrated per day in order to vaccinate 60% of the population.

A record 3,666 coronavirus cases have been observed for July 27, 2021, which is the highest rate after December 14, 2020. Moreover, the daily test-positivity rate is grown significantly, which also stands at its peak since December last year.

The government of Georgia considers the current epidemiological situation “as the fourth wave”.

Dr. Silviu Domente, WHO Representative and Head of WHO Country Office Georgia declares that vaccination pace is low in Georgia.

"I do not think anyone in Georgia is satisfied with the vaccination pace. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is the number of vaccines. We know that Georgia has prepared a detailed plan for mass vaccination and trained people at a very early stage, but unfortunately quite a few vaccines are shipped in the country up to date. The uptake rate has been very high - about 97%, while there has been a shortage of vaccines, so launch of mass vaccination has been impossible.

Now Georgia has received an additional 1 million vaccines and we expect that real mass vaccination will start. The World Health Organization aims to vaccinate at least 10% of the population globally by the end of September, 40% - by December and 70% - by mid of the next year. These are global targets. Georgia has gone even further, targeting to vaccinate 60% of population by the end of the year. We support this goal”, - Dr. Silviu Domente declares.