12.Mar .2020 18:20

2020 budget to be adjusted – expenditures are rising


The government will adjust the 2020 budget and increase spending, the Georgian Finance Minister said after the government meeting.

"We will probably come up with a budget adjustment project very soon. We will have not only reduced but also increased costs. Because that is one of the incentive mechanisms," the finance minister said.

Minister of Economy Natia Turnava also said today that the government will present an anti-crisis plan within a few days.

"As you know, the Prime Minister has given us the task of developing a single, complex business incentive plan. We have already started working on this plan and will refine it in a few days. It all started with the encouragement of the tourism industry. But, what we see today from a global perspective, we must develop a more complex plan. That includes not only tourism but business as a whole. It obviously depends on how things are going, both in Georgia and in the world, " Natia Turnava, the Minister of Economy said.