11.Aug .2020 11:43

24 facts of storage and transportation of excisable goods without excise marks were exposed in July

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As a result of operative-searching and investigative activities carried out throughout Georgia in July, representatives of Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia exposed 24 facts of storage and transportation of a large amount of excisable goods subject to marking, without excise marks. 3 facts out of 24 were exposed through the coordinated activities carried out together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

During the investigation, more than 33 280 boxes of different brands of non-excised cigarettes, intended for sale, have been seized from the detained persons.

The total market value of the seized non-excised cigarettes exceeds GEL 136 000.

Investigation is underway under the first, second and third parts of Article 200 of Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisage imprisonment from 6 to 8 years.