07.Apr .2020 18:56

2,500 beds, 300 tents, 190,000 face masks - Georgia requests international assistance to NATO

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The EADRCC has received a request for international assistance from Georgia in its response to the global pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

On 26 February, 2020, the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Georgia. Soon thereafter, direct flights from China, Iran and Italy were suspended. Land border crossing points were closed for passenger traffic; only cargo was allowed.

The Prime Minister of Georgia established, and leads, a Cross Government Coordination Council to combat the Novel Coronavirus.

On 21 March, the State of Emergency was declared for a period of one month in response to COVID-19 outbreak. Different measures were introduced.

On 31 March, within the scope of the State of Emergency, a nationwide curfew was declared and further restrictive measures were introduced: the public transport halted, the population requested to self-isolate and elderlies aged over 70 required to stay home. Mobility is restricted to 3 people per vehicle, and in public spaces. Only groceries, pharmacies, fuel/gas stations and banks are authorized to operate.

Moreover, the Government of Georgia will allocate GEL 2 billion in support to the economic performance, as well as assist those whose unemployment is attributed to COVID-19.

In response to the global pandemic, all available resources have been engaged to stop the spread of COVID-19, in all sectors and the whole of society.

The Government of Georgia took the highest level political decision to request the international assistance for the below listed equipment and sanitary supplies.