26.Oct .2020 10:15

8 million GEL is invested in waste-free production of Karva – Who funds the project?


Vegetable oil company Karva has launched waste-free production, which includes 2 production lines and a fully integrated waste-free production cycle.

Combined production of corn oil and animal food was launched at full capacity in the city of Khobi (Samegrelo). 8 million GEL was invested in the project.

As Giorgi Tabagari, General Director of the company told BM.GE the project was funded by the Partnership Fund, within the project frame of “Plant the Future”. The company also partners with the Ministry of Agriculture and BANK CARTU.

According to him, the test production of corn oil started in September and soon the product will appear on the local market. However, the combined animal food enterprise has been operating for several days.

"We decided to launch the production of combined animal food, because the product is in great demand on the market. We make oil from corn and the remains will be used for production of animal food. Accordingly, it will be a waste-free production.

The capacity of the enterprise is 10,000 tons, which can be processed by the factory, and if there is a demand on the market, we will increase the capacity. The enterprise employs 50 people,"- said Giorgi Tabagari.