19.May .2020 11:40

"About 30% of restaurants can't be opened" - Georgian Restaurant Federation

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"In our opinion, about 30% of restaurants simply cannot be opened, as there is a very difficult situation in the sector”, - Shota Burjanadze, President of the Restaurant Association, said on TV-program "Business Course".

“Of course, there will be no such activity as last year. We have estimate of about 50%. It will be difficult if the number of customers will less than the predicted figure”, he said.

At the same time, Shota Burjanadze noted that they had contact with the head of the National Tourism Administration Mariam Kvrivishvili and believes that the adopted regulations are adequate to the created circumstances.

"The process is going well and I think, that opening of outdoor cafes announced on June 8, might be made earlier," - said Shota Burjanadze, adding that the opening of outdoor and indoor spaces at the same time was their initiative.

"In my opinion, given the current situation, there is no big difference between indoor and outdoor spaces, but I can't solve that. We are careful, we do not want to overload the reality, because if the problem is created, then how long the restaurants will be closed, no one can determine that,” said Shota Burjanadze.

To remind, the Georgian Gastronomy Association has published the guidelines that restaurants will have to follow. Among the guidelines is the pre-booking of tables, thermo screening, as well as the preference for non-cash payments.