19.Oct .2020 13:15

Accessories of Baldi and Mandarina are harmful - MOMXMAREBELI.GE

Accessories of Baldi and Mandarina are harmful - MOMXMAREBELI.GE
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The website MOMXMAREBELI.GE publishes a study of jewelry purchased in Tbilisi stores.

According to them, 24 pieces of jewelry were purchased in various stores in Tbilisi and sent to the US Laboratory “MSR Laboratories” to test for cadmium and lead. 7 samples were found to be dangerous for health.

Products produced by different companies in different countries, which are available for ordinary citizens of Georgia, were randomly selected.

“There are no security requirements for jewelry in Georgia. That is why the samples were checked in line with the EU standards, “the statement reads.

According to the study, 7 samples do not meet the requirements of the EU. In some of them, the content of cadmium or lead exceeds the permissible norms by several hundred or even thousands of times.

As of the web-page, accessories of Yuzuk, Navne, Diamond, Fashion Jewellery, Mandarina and Baldi are dangerous for the health.

It should be noted, that accessories of Mango, H&M, Stradivarius, Bershka were also studied. The research shows that violations were not found in the accessories of those brands.