28.Jan .2020 18:34

"According to the calculations of the Ministry of Health, salaries are reduced by 35%" – the doctor

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According to Dr. Archil Chukhrukidze, Vice President of the Cardiology Association of Georgia, a doctor at the Tbilisi Heart Center, salaries have been reduced by 35% in referrals to the Ministry of Health.

He responded to Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze's statement that the ministry would protect the rights of the medical staff, saying that their salaries should not be reduced.

“Two months have passed since the Resolution 520 is enacted, we have been working and trying to reach an agreement with the Ministry, but so far no results have been achieved. For all the problems we raised two years ago, we warned the Ministry that under these prices it would not be possible to offer a range of services to people. These issues have not been resolved up to now. The first effect of Resolution 520 is that a number of services cannot be provided to patients, operations cannot be performed physically, such as biological valve implantation, etc. There are many problems for patients, as well as health care staff shortage of payroll and a number of administrative staff dismissed from the hospital. If you look at the calculations of the Ministry of Health, you will be convinced that they have a salary cut of 35%, ”he said.