15.Jul .2022 11:00

Adequate Funding Is Needed For The Quality Healthcare System - Healthcare Specialist

Adequate Funding Is Needed For The Quality Healthcare System - Healthcare Specialist
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Health specialist Nino Mirzikashvili responds to the statement of the Minister of Health, made on July 11 by Zurab Azarashvili at the press conference held in the government administration.

While speaking about the transition to the DRG system and the review of indexation, the head of the agency said that clinics always focus on financing, which is regrettable, because the main thing in providing health care services is high standards and quality.

In response to this, Nino Mirzikashvili states that the provision of medical services and their quality consists of many components, and among them is financing, which determines high quality.

"Funding is an important component of the healthcare system, and in order for the system and clinics to function properly, correct and proper financing methods are important.

It is clear that the DRG system is coming in, but this process cannot be completed in a day. This belongs to the principle of fair financing, which has already been confirmed in Europe, America and other countries. The transition to DRGs won't happen overnight, but these clinics need to exist in order to provide quality services to patients. Funding indexation is important so that the right health services are provided to the patient. Otherwise, there are problems with quality, availability and human resources. A number of clinics have complained that they cannot retain doctors and nurses, there is an outflow of staff and many components face problems because of it. Therefore, it is very important to reconcile the Ministry and the clinics in order to find the best solution for the patient. This is the best solution for the Ministry of Health and clinics," the health specialist explained.