01.Aug .2022 11:53

After Gemany and Latvia LS continues its expansion to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

After Gemany and Latvia LS continues its expansion to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
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International logistics and freight forwarding company Logistics Solutions (LS) expands to 4 new countries during this year.

As explained to BM.GE by founder and chief executive officer of the company Irakli Tsankashvili, company is conducting its business in those counties already for years, however due to increase of demand for company services as well as to provide local clients with higher quality service it became necessary to have own set-up in mentioned locations.

“Today, Logistics Solutions is present with own offices in 7 countries worldwide, those are Georgia (Corporate HQ), Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Latvia and China. From those Germany and Latvia are youngest and we have newly entered these markets with local entities, however had partners and agents there also before. From Latvia we cover Lithuania and Estonia.

This year we plan to expand to two more countries – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. These markets are very interesting and booming with new big infrastructural projects, especially Uzbekistan. We are doing transports to and from these areas regularly, standard and heavy/oversized, however with increase of demand and volumes we have realized, that is time to be present there with own setup, so decided to open subsidiaries”, - says Irakli Tsankashvili

Developing new markets will increase turnover of the company by minimum 30%. As per CEO of the company, with such move Logistics Solutions’ turnover will become more than 15-20 mln US dollars. As an answer on the question what is the investment for development of the company Irakli Tsankashvili says, that main investment is the reputation and good name, which company earned during years working for big clients from different countries being their approved vendor.

“Since we are service providers, main and most difficult is to gain trust of our clients. Our company has vast experience of working with large international corporations, which helps a lot and is biggest investment for development on new markets. When we approach new clients and offer our services, we pass through quite difficult and comprehensive vendor qualification process. For example in order to become Maire Tecnimont’s approved vendor, one of world’s largest EPC group, having large infrastructural projects in different parts of the world, vendor qualification process has lasted almost a year and our company was checked by all parameters from financial strength up to history, experience, track record, references. When you go to such clients and wish to work with them, they pay a lot of attention with whom you have worked in the past and whose approved vendor you are and seeing the list of our clients completely changes their attitude towards us in positive way. This is the biggest investment and huge work behind, what has been put to gain this reputation. Its easy to invest money, however if you don’t have relevant experience, reputation, standards and human capital its very difficult to explore new markets and be successful there.”, - explained Tsankashvili.

Worth to mention, that Logistics Solutions started its operations from Georgia in 2011 and first expanded to Azerbaijan and Ukraine in 2019, but opening subsidiaries there. Company is approved vendor of such clients as Siemens, General Electric, Maire Tecnimont, Vestas, Tenaris and others.

Apart from standard transports by road, sea, rail or air, company offers project logistics services, which means logistics of heavy and oversized goods, as well as supply chain management of large-scale projects. Company has 100% subsidiary heavy transport and lifting company LS Heavylift, which owns largest, modern and technologically advanced technical infrastructure, such as different transport means incl. heavy hydraulic modular axle lines and SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Trailers) with total carrying capacity of over 3000 tons. LS Heavylift, as a subcontractor of Logistics Solutions has performed many large infrastructural projects, such as Gori Wind Power Plant wind turbine transportation and erection and transportation of worlds larges hard-rock TBM for Kobi-Kvesheti tunnel project in Georgia as well as other interesting projects in different countries.

Company overall employees about 100 people and 50 thereof in Georgia.