25.Jan .2023 12:00

Agrohub To Open Two New Branches

Agrohub To Open Two New Branches
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"Agrohub" hypermarket chain will open two new branches in Tbilisi this year.

As the general director of the company, Lasha Gotsiridze, told BMG, one branch will be opened in University Street, while the other - in Zviad Gamsakhurdia str, in the vicinity of the so-called "Ambulance" territory.

According to him, the opening of new branches was decided due to the increase in the company's income and the number of customers last year.

"If 2022 wasn't successful, we obviously wouldn't have adopted such a decision. Although last year's data is still being determined, I can tell you that it is at least a double-digit percentage increase. This is a pretty good figure, especially considering the pandemic. In addition, we have a lot of customers and their trust in us is high. Our response to this confidence is that we are moving forward and meeting 2023 with new projects. Obviously, the opening of new branches leads to the creation of hundreds of additional jobs", says Lasha Gotsiridze.

The first Agrohub hypermarket in Georgia was opened in December 2016. The company currently includes farms, a central enterprise and three branches. In total, it employs about 1400 people.