17.Nov .2020 17:00

Akaki Zoidze: The epidemic situation is dangerous, but not catastrophic

Akaki Zoidze: The epidemic situation is dangerous, but not catastrophic
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"In my opinion, the main point is to expand the circle of people who will be involved in the process as much as possible, because now is the time to mobilize and use absolutely all resources, intellectual knowledge, experience, to overcome this common national threat." - Akaki Zoidze, a health expert, stated about it after the meeting between the Prime Minister and the experts in the field of healthcare.
According to him, the situation is dangerous, but not catastrophic. Akaki Zoidze noted that specific plans and steps were discussed during the meeting, but it is important that "Lockdown" is not planned.
"The situation is really dangerous, it is alarming, but not catastrophic, and it is important to remove this element of panic. Elements of panic can also be seen already. The public should be convinced that today the best resources that the country has been used in this process. Consultations are held on what is the most optimal solution so that neither the economy suffers. Social issues are very important to us. The reversal of what is called the growing number of infected is the most important. The most tragic thing that is, is the growing number of deaths.
We discussed specific steps, a specific plan that the government will probably propose in the near future, taking into account all these aspects. The main thing is that there won't, I emphasize, there won't be a general lockdown. Akaki Zoidze.