04.Feb .2020 17:34

Akaki Zoidze: the important thing is not to become Medical Holding as another bureaucratic circle


Health expert Akaki Zoidze believes that it is important to establish effective management of clinics under the terms of "medical holding" and the model is not so important.

As Zoidze told bm.ge, initially visions of effective management should be submitted by the holding and evaluation will be available then.

"This topic has long been arguing that change is needed. Initially, the matter concerned to the public-private partnership, then the Partnership Fund had to do the same, some international organization had to come in. There were talks about various forms of management, so evaluation would be possible after the plan and vision should be submitted. The fact is that clinics must be privatized. Ownership diversity would be welcomed, because the fair play rules should bring real competition. Therefore, first of all, we are interested in the vision of the holding company and the Ministry, "- said Zoidze.