24.Aug .2020 11:29

Alali to produce cherry, pomegranate and tomato juices

Alali to produce cherry, pomegranate and tomato juices
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Fruit processing enterprise Achinebuli is expanding the range of products. As Gocha Gvinepadze, General Director of Achinebuli, told bm.ge, cherry, pomegranate and tomato juices will be added to Alali juices by the end of the year.

"From the very beginning we wanted to catch a special niche in the market. Alali juices are products made from Georgian fruits. The flavors of the fruit are fully sustained. We do not mix one gram of water. It should be mentioned, that when you drink 1 liter of Alali juice, you will eat 2 kilograms of fruit", - says Gocha Gvinepadze.

Achinebuli products, which are produced under the brand Alali, were initially presented with three flavors of natural juice - peach, grape and apple; Then Georgian citrus and blackberry juices were added to it.

"Alali juices are intended for the middle segment and prices range from 4.5 to 7 GEL. Coronavirus could not hamper us either. We exported our products in the USA in March, namely in New York and New Jersey. Now, we are currently negotiating with the following countries: Lithuania, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Greece and Israel," Gocha Gvinepadze said.