07.Oct .2020 17:12

Aldagi Will Appeal Against the Decision of the Competition Agency

Aldagi Will Appeal Against the Decision of the Competition Agency
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'Aldagi' will appeal against the decision of the Competition Agency of Georgia. The insurance company 'Aldagi' disagrees with the Competition Agency's assessment that the company has violated the principle of fair competition.
"We will appeal against the decision of the agency in court to protect our business reputation, which we have been building with the high standards of the company for 30 years," the company stated.

According to the company representative, the case concerns a personal correspondence between an 'Aldagi' employee and his friend, evidence of which was acquired by a competing insurance company in uncertain circumstances, due to which the company "Unison" applied to the Competition Agency with a request to investigate the case.
"The management unpacked the details of the case and took appropriate disciplinary action, even though this correspondence did not affect the client's decision regarding insurance. Therefore we will fight for a fair decision," the company said.
The client itself, the company Caucasian Metals Terminal, confirms that there has been no violation of its interest in any way.
"We became aware of the decision of the Competition Agency of Georgia through the media, which established the fact of unfair competition by the insurance company Aldagi, which we disagree with, as the correspondence that formed the basis of this decision was personal correspondence. The interests have not been harmed by this personal correspondence and, therefore, we believe that the decision made is devoid of any basis," the company said.
According to the Competition Agency, based on the materials received and processed during the investigation, the Batumi regional representative of the insurance company "Aldagi" confirmed the damage done to the insurance company's reputation "Unison" to the Caucasian Metals Terminal by official e-mail.
Also, to protect the principles of equality between economic agents, to respond promptly to the facts of unfair competition, the agency decided to instruct "Aldagi" to ensure the denial of the spread information by sending an official letter to Caucasian Metals Terminal. In particular, to provide information on the mentioned action in writing to "Unison" and the Competition Agency - no later than 1 month after submitting the decision.