09.Apr .2020 18:28

Alfa: sugar price is stable and won’t be increased

Alfa: sugar price is stable and won’t be increased
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Sugar price is stable and won’t be increased, - Guram Brodzeli, director of sugar importer company Alfa has told BM.GE.

According to him, Sugar imports are running smoothly at the moment and supplies are sufficient. Today, the cost of 1 kg of sugar is 1.60 - 1.70 GEL.

"The price of sugar is still stable and to my estimation, it will not increase. Today, the price of imported sugar varies from 1.60 tetri to 1.70 tetri per 1 kg, and we make supply of the sugar throughout Georgia.

We have no problems with imports and are not expected, just during the snowfall, lasi has been closed and the main importer in terms of sugar at this stage was Russia. Now everything is open, we have no problems, neither we nor the supplies”, Guram Brodzeli said.

According to him, the company imports sugar from European countries, Russia and Ukraine.