28.Jun .2021 10:00

All of Georgian Pecan Nuts Harvest Hits Export Markets

All of Georgian Pecan Nuts Harvest Hits Export Markets
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Georgian nuts processing company Georgian Product Renaissance (GPR) added a processing line of American walnut to the enterprise.

The total investment in the new project amounted to 70,000 USD. The export of Georgian pecan nuts is already planned to the EU and China.

Baia Salukvadze, co-founder of the company, notes that they have brought new equipment from the USA. GPR is currently processing 22 tons of pecans. The processing line includes drying, sorting, breaking and packing. The company received an average of 45-46% clean nuts from a kilogram of pecans.

"It is very difficult to determine how profitable it is to plant and process pecans in Georgia, because this culture is now gaining ground in the country. It is quite difficult to compare with other nuts because there are no commercial pecan walnut orchards in Georgia, although it is quite a promising crop, as the climate of our country contributes to it. We expect our company to be profit-oriented. The products are for export and we will export whole pecans to China and clean nuts to Poland this year. One of the reasons for 100% export is the low awareness of this walnut variety in Georgia. " - Salukvadze said.