03.Aug .2021 17:30

Ambience Plans To Make Chocolate Exports

Ambience Plans To Make Chocolate Exports
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Ambience, which has been producing handmade chocolate for about a year, plans to make export of the products.

Ambience chocolate is made from Belgian raw materials and combines a variety of flavors, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate with nuts, raspberries, pistachios and more.

The founder of the company noted that before she started making the sweets, she took relevant courses and started making chocolate with the help of chef Davit Kurashvili.

"I make a lot of love in this business, for me it is not just a business, each chocolate bar I create is a painting, with a very variety of colors and flavors, which I get as a result of experiment. It should be noted that the dyes and pigments I use are natural,"- said the founder of Ambience.

The brand sells products only on the Georgian market at this stage.