29.Mar .2021 11:00

American company got interested in Kamusia hand-made toys

American company got interested in Kamusia hand-made toys
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American company holds negotiations for cooperation with the brand "Kamusia". As Lika Kobalia, founder of the brand told BM.GE, negotiations are actively underway.

"The American company, which name is not named yet deliberately, noticed us after we created a doll of the famous inauguration photo of Bernie Sanders. Interest is always great in the USA comparing to other countries. Even now, we are sending prototype dolls of their employees to several companies," Kobalia said.

According to Lika Kobalia, the pandemic and curfew also affected Kamusia, because the company was not able to bring raw materials for toys due to the closed borders and the manufacturing process was delayed.

As for future plans, the founders of the brand are actively working on innovations, they intend to create a product that will not depend only on individual orders and will be sold in Georgia, as well as in the United States.

Family business Kamusia was founded 3 years ago, average cost of a standard doll is 200 GEL. Price of the handmade toy increases if additional accessories are added.