14.Oct .2020 17:00

Amiran Gamkrelidze: “We Are Working on Three Models of Disease Spread”


According to Amiran Gamkrelidze, head of the National Center for Disease Control, the NCDC is working on three models about the disease spread in the country. All three depict that 80% of infected people need outpatient treatment, which the system can handle without any problems.

"At the Center for Disease Control, we have modeled the spread of infection in the country. These models are currently being discussed. We have three possible models. All three depict that 80% of those infected need outpatient treatment, for which there is enough resource in the country. We have up to 3,000 primary care physicians free to provide medical care to these patients at the primary health care level. 12% to 15% of people need inpatient treatment, and the country has the resources to do so. As you know, there are 17,000 beds in the country. Most of them are in Tbilisi," said Amiran Gamkrelidze.

The head of the NCDC says the country's epidemic situation has deteriorated, though panic will bring worse results.