15.Oct .2020 23:00

Anaklia Development Consortium Issues a Statement

Anaklia Development Consortium Issues a Statement
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Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC) says the people of Anaklia and the surrounding area face environmental and health risks because the government has not secured the management of the project area since the project was halted.

According to them, during the development of the project, the consortium prepared a document for the assessment of natural and social impacts - following the standards and principles set by international financial institutions (EBRD, ADB, AIIB, OPIC), which included not only the requirements of local law but also the best natural and social, environmental protection measures provided by the international standard.

"In 2018 ADC carried out considerable site preparation work, including a 110-hectare area where soil was removed and cleared of waste, including old structures. ADC received all necessary permits and authorizations from the Government prior to commencing this work.

Even though it was becoming apparent in 2019 that the Government was actively trying to prevent the Anaklia Project from proceeding, ADC persevered in making every effort to continue project construction while protecting the environment from dust emissions. In fact, ADC had prepared for Government approval a thorough plan for managing this issue, with the cost to be carried by ADC.

The Government unlawfully seized possession of the site in February 2020 following its wrongful termination of the investment agreement with ADC. Because of this expropriation, ADC was prohibited from further access to the site and thus was never able to carry out the plan it had designed. The sole responsibility for managing the property transferred to the Government.

However, left barren, the site is now generating considerable volumes of dust, causing damage to the environment as well as threatening nearby residents with potentially serious respiratory health problems. Even though the Government understood the steps it should take to manage these environmental and health risks, it took no action, leading to the situation which exists today," - reads the statements.

Further details of the Anaklia Port project and ADC can be found here.