01.Nov .2019 18:41

"Anaklia Port Project is Critically Delayed ... It Must Have Been Put under the Operation Long Before"

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"The port of Anaklia is critically delayed ... the port of Anaklia should have been put under the operation long before," said Natia Turnava, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, in response to a journalist's question after the government meeting.

The journalist has got interested how the government is going to respond the challenge linked to the increased freight turnover at Poti Port, as the port will soon achieve its maximum capacity.

“This is given reality - freight traffic through our corridor and Georgian ports is growing very fast. For example, total freight traffic in Poti has increased by 37% within last 8 months, as major part of Poti freight are TEU containers -the growth is 45%. There is relatively modest growth in the port of Batumi, as there are still more oil products, which have historically declined as pipelines are selected by supplier companies, but there is also a 5% increase. This growth is also a challenge.

When we - government officials talk that the port of Anaklia has been critically delayed, we mean this. According to the previous agreement, the port of Anaklia should have already put under the operation and the port would support Ports of Poti and Batumi in the container processing.

Due to the reforms we are making in terms of simplifying and developing the infrastructure, including the railway modernization and expanding roads, we must expect very rapid growth. Therefore, Anaklia project is very important for us. We call on investors to make timely decision in this regard, "- Natia Turnava said.

To remind, large-scale maritime works on Anaklia deep-sea port began in 2018. It was planned that the port would receive the first ship late in 2019 or early in 2020.