16.Jun .2021 21:00

Armenia's Total Public Debt Grows by $120.830 MLN to Over $8.7 BLN

Armenia's Total Public Debt Grows by $120.830 MLN to Over $8.7 BLN
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Armenia's total public debt stood at $8,772.839 million in late April 2021, having grown by $120.830 million from the previous month, according to the numbers, released by the National Statistical Committee (NSC).

On December 31, 2020, the country's total public debt was $7,968.486 million, ARKA reports. 
If calculated in Armenian drams, the overall public debt decreased by 24,218.25 million drams from March 31, 2021 to 4 trillion 567 billion drams.
According to the NSC, of the total public debt about $ 6,743.460 million were the external debt of the government, which grew by $28.029 million from March 31, 2021, while domestic debt in late April increased by $92.801 million to $2,029.379 million. In Armenian drams the external debt decreased by 53,031.8 million drams to 3 trillion 510 billion drams, while the domestic debt increased by 28 813.6 million drams to 1,056 555.6 million drams.
The government's external debt increased by $27.605 million to $6,248.553 million as of late April 2021. In dram equivalent, the government's debt decreased by 48,273.1 million drams to 3 trillion 253 billion drams. The debt of the Central Bank increased by $0.424 million to $494.907 million.

Of the domestic debt, about $1,926.112 million (an increase of $85.501 million) were owed to resident holders of government bonds. Some $103.267 million were owed to holders of the government's Eurobonds (a decrease of $7.300 million).

Minister of Finance Atom Janjughazyan noted earlier that Armenia exceeded the minimum established threshold of public debt to GDP ratio in 2020.
The national debt to GDP ratio at the end of 2019 was below 50%, at the end of 2020 it reached 63.5%, which exceeds the established threshold of 60%.