25.Jun .2020 15:09

At what stage is the Partnership Fund reform?

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"Reform of the Partnership Fund is necessary" - this is how the Minister of Economy, Natia Turnava answered bm.ge’s question: at what stage is the reform of the fund and when will this process end.

"It is necessary to make reform of the Partnership Fund. Both, the Fund and the government are working in this direction, we have active consultations. One thing is clear, the current situation assures us that there is a need of existence of various institutions and tools that will help business by providing funding in the form of subsidies and grants.

Our goal is to make this mechanism more transparent, we are talking about the fund's corporation, and more details will be known to you as soon as we are formed", Turnava said.

To remind, within the framework of the program between Georgia and the International Monetary Fund, the Partnership Fund has already limited financial activities to zero. One of the points of the program emphasizes that "the Partnership Fund will not enter into new projects and will not undertake new obligations.