07.Nov .2022 21:00

Average Georgian needs to work for 64.3 days to afford iPhone 14 Pro

Average Georgian needs to work for 64.3 days to afford iPhone 14 Pro
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For the fifth time, the Picodi.com team juxtaposed the local iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB) prices with average earnings in different countries and calculated the iPhone Index, which is the price of the smartphone expressed in man-days.

Although the price of the 14 Pro in the USA is $999, it is worth noting that this is the net price, valid only in four states where the sales tax is 0%.

In Georgia, the average resident will be able to afford a new iPhone 14 Pro after working for 64.3 days, by 17 days less than in 2021.

The average resident of Tajikistan will have to work 179.5 days to collect the money for the gadget assuming he/she saves all the money they earn for the purchase.

Residents of Kyrgyzstan will have to work less (136.3 days). In Uzbekistan, an iPhone “costs" 103.7 working days, in Azerbaijan - 83.8 days, in Armenia - 76.7 days and in Russia 39.7 days.

Compared to last year, the number of days in Tajikistan reduced by 17.7 days, in Azerbaijan by 10.2 days, in Kyrgyzstan by 3.1 days, while in Uzbekistan they increased by 7 days.

A Swiss can earn money for the newest iPhone the quickest — just 4.6 days. An average American can afford the latest gadget after working for 5.7 days, and Australian — after 6.1 days.

Argentina has the worst result, where the cost of iPhone is equal to 180 days of labor. It is followed by Tajikistan and Turkey with 179.5 and 146.7 days, respectively.

The iPhone Index is an annual iPhone price to average wages ratio carried out by Picodi.com since 2018. The average salaries come from the countries’ official ministry or statistical office pages and are up to date with iPhone prices published in each country.

Net wages were obtained using local salary calculators. Monthly salaries were divided by 21 — the average number of working days in a month.