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Average Income Of A Household Is GEL 1,050 Per Month In Georgia

Average Income Of A Household Is GEL 1,050 Per Month In Georgia
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The average income of a household in Georgia is 1,221 GEL and 80 tetri, - according to the preliminary data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat).

Of this 1,221 GEL, 86% or 1,050 GEL is cash income.

According to official statistics, one household consists of an average of 3.3 members, which means an income of GEL 318 per member in a month. It means that on average one family member is employed, while others are not working.

As of the statistics, the largest share of the average cash income of families accounts for the salary (45.9% or GEL 482). The second-largest source of income is pensions, which account for 22.6% (GEL 237) of the average monthly income of the households. The third position is occupied by the income from self-employment, which is 10.2% of the income, which means GEL 107 per month.

More simply, this does not mean that every family is self-employed, or retired, or employed at all, but according to these statistics, families have an average cash income of GEL 1,050 per month, and the sources of these incomes vary. The most problematic is the fact that the income from hired labor accounts for only 45.9% of total income.