17.Jan .2022 22:00

Azerbaijan's economy grows nearly 6%

Azerbaijan's economy grows nearly 6%
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Azerbaijan's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rose by 5.6% to 92,857.7 million manats (US$54.6 bln) in 2021, the State Statistical Committee (SSC) says.

The added value increased by 7.2% in the non-oil and gas sector, 1.8% in the oil and gas sector. Per capita GDP rose 27.6% to 9,269 manats (US$ 5,452).

According to SSC, 42.5% of GDP was formed in industry, 10.1% in trade: repair of transport facilities, 6.9% in transport and warehousing, 5.9% in construction, 5.9% in agriculture, forestry and fishery, 1.8% information and communication, 1.3% in tourist accommodation and public catering, 17.2% in other fields. Net taxes on products and imports made up 8.4% of the GDP.