01.Dec .2021 15:00

Baia’s Wine Exports Up By 20-25% - Company

Baia’s Wine Exports Up By 20-25% - Company
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Baia’s Wine is exported in 14 countries. Wine company has expanded export markets in Asia amid the pandemic and makes exports in Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

Baia Abuladze, the founder of a small winery, says that they will soon enter the Chinese market.

"During the pandemic, the number of wine consumers in the world did not decrease. Although logistical difficulties made transportation problematic and we initially had to adapt to these conditions, the pandemic period is associated with the entry of 'Baia’s Wine' into Asian countries. Japan, Singapore, South Korea and China will soon be added. After the new market, the export volume has increased by 20-25% annually," said Baia Abuladze.

In addition to Asia, Baia’s wines are actively sold in France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Latvia, the United States and other countries. The company has an annual production of 18,000 bottles, of which 50% is export-oriented. The winemaker notes that their wine is sold in foreign markets for USD 7-8.

According to the founder of Baia’s Wine, the company also plans to increase production taking into account the grown rates of wine exports.

"Tsolikouri, Tsitska, Otskhanuri Sapere vineyards are grown on 13 hectares in the village of Obcha, Baghdati Municipality, but today we have already started to expand the vineyards. In total, we have increased the area of vineyards to 18 hectares by investing GEL 200,000, and in 3-4 years the production will increase to 40,000 bottles,” said the winemaker.