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Bakuriani Municipal Services Project - EBRD

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Project Description

Extension of a sovereign loan of up to EUR 5 million to Georgia for the benefit of Bakuriani to expand the fleet of specialised vehicles and machinery aimed at improving the quality of the municipal services. The proceeds of the loan will also finance up to 10 units of buses.

Project Objectives

The proposed investment will improve the quality of municipal services and safety measures in Bakuriani. The Project envisages procurement of modern buses for passenger transportation as well
as equipment for solid waste management and specialised municipal works.

Transition Impact

The proposed project is expected to address the Well-Governed and Inclusive transition objectives by supporting sector reforms and providing access to transport for the local population. The
programme is further expected to build local capacity by providing trainings.

Client Information

Georgia represented by the Ministry of Finance.

€5 million sovereign loan to Georgia

The project will also benefit from the technical cooperation assignments to support project preparation and implementation.

Environmental and Social Summary

Categorised B under the 2014 ESP. Purchase of the Euro 5 diesel buses and specialized municipal service equipment will have mainly beneficial Environmental and Social (E&S) impacts. E&S Due
Diligence will be undertaken by an independent consultant and will include the site visit to review the Client's Environmental and Social management systems, existing maintenance facilities and
operations, labour practices, road and traffic safety and will assess Client's capacity to deliver the Project in line with EBRD requirements. Opportunities for addressing gender-specific and inclusion
opportunities as part of the Project will be investigated.

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