17.Feb .2020 18:35

Bank of Georgia Continues Introduction of Innovative Products throughout the Whole Region


Bank of Georgia is introducing innovative products throughout the region. The bank announced 2020 as the year of innovation. It has become for the first time to pay with the so-called Face Recognition at the Metro.

With the new product, customers will be able to pay anywhere, even there, where only cash payments were made before.

With the new payment system, customers and business representatives will be able to make non-cash payments and no longer have to worry about finding a wallet. The news is particularly helpful to the business, the entrepreneur who can make payments on his or her phone. Making it even more convenient, easy, flexible and fast.

Payment can be made by any bank (Visa and MasterCard) cards, as well as through Apple Pay and the Tskapp app. You only need one touch of a bank card or phone. For that purpose, an entrepreneur or a small business need Android 5.0 and above system phone with NFC support. For business owners who do not have the phone with the right features but want to be innovative, the bank will give the android phone for a temporary use.

Using an innovative payment system is easy. You only need to download the app under the name “Terminali” from the Google Play store.