02.Apr .2020 18:08

"Banks actually stopped lending" – how the Government must spend 2 billion

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The government will allocate GEL 2 billion to support the economy and business. It is not clear yet, how the government assists the business to reduce the negative impact of coronavirus.

Access to finance is considered to be one of the main problems in the Farmers’ Association.

"Access to the financial and working capital is important for businesses, because banks have now ceased lending," said Nino Zambakhidze, head of the Association.

According to her, state programs of agriculture support must be strengthened.

“It is very important to strengthen the projects that exist at the Project Management Agency, moreover projects for one-year crop production must be added. It will create a rapid effect and reduce import into the country. I think other countries will also be reluctant to export because of their food security. It is necessary to make more projects available to the farmers”, said Nino Zambakhidze.