01.Apr .2020 17:38

BDO offering online accounting software for SMEs

BDO offering online accounting software for SMEs
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Since most companies have switched to working remotely, businesses need an online tool that enables financial departments to work effectively from home, and managers to control real-time financial data also from home.

As a solution, BDO offers mini-ERP system – “Balance”, which is the only cloud-based accounting software in Georgia and gives users access to their data through web, without any server infrastructure or help of IT team.

Balance is much more than just an accounting software. It brings together all the modules needed for shop management, warehouse management and production management. All the employees who are involved in data creation, control and accounting, are gathered in a single system and given the access to the software relevant to their roles in order to work simultaneously.

“Balance" offers full financial reporting complied to Georgian tax legislation and has up to 90 managerial reports for a day-to-day control.

"Balance" has SaaS model: it means using software as a Service. No primary purchases are required in advance, payment is made monthly. Users pay as long as they use the software.

BDO has also switched to distance working mode and therefore all service components are fully provided remotely: Balance functionality presentations, customer trainings, client company’s business process analysis and program set up & launch.

For more information, check out an official website - https://balance.ge