13.Sep .2021 15:00

Beauty Industry Still Finds It Difficult To Digitize – Business

Beauty Industry Still Finds It Difficult To Digitize – Business
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"People in Georgia are even overly interested in the beauty industry, because Georgians love to take care of themselves, which is the growing demand for the sector," Keta Baghashvili, co-founder and CEO of Beauty Lab declares.

She notes that despite the growing interest in the beauty industry, the digitization of business remains a major problem today.

"Business in Georgia is gradually starting to be digitized, but the beauty industry is slowly progressing in this regard and still follows a more traditional method. We have created an app that allows salons to fully digitize the entire internal process and instead of writing on a piece of paper, the program can count data, but it is still difficult for people working in the field to switch from the paper to a computer. Customers, who use delivery service or call taxis by the application, they still make appointments with a phone in the beauty salons, though the application indicates the desired procedures, free seats and hours, "- said the co-founder of Beauty Lab.

As for the number of users of the application, Keta Baghashvili noted that till this day the app has about 20K end users; however, this number could have been much higher if not the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook group Beauty Lab was created by Keta Baghashvili in early 2017. Today the group unites more than 120 thousand people.