24.Jun .2021 15:00

Beeline Responds To The Chairman Of The Communications Commission

Beeline Responds To The Chairman Of The Communications Commission
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Kakha Bekauri, the Chairman of the Communications Commission responds to the critical letter of MagtiCom, where the company opposes introduction of new regulations on the Virtual Zone Operator and claims that the Communications Commission misinterprets the practice of EU regulation.

Kakha Bekauri states that MagtiCom’s critical statements reflects the position of other mobile operators - Silknet and Beeline and this is surprising, because company "Beeline" has welcomed this amendment.

Company Beeline declares that Kakha Bekauri's statement is surprising for them. BM.GE asked whether they welcome creation of a new regulatory system for virtual mobile operators in the country, Beeline explains that similar regulations have been in place in EU countries for several years.

“We are surprised by the statement of the chairman of the commission, as Beeline always openly and publicly states its position directly with the Commission. Consequently, the Commission is always aware of the position of Beeline on this or that issue. Thus, it is unclear to us why MagtiCom also speaks on behalf of Beeline," the company said in a statement.

The company declares that they do not consider MagtiCom's statement as joint, as it does not mention Beeline at all.

"This regulation has existed in the EU for a long time and we believe that this regulation is important for the development of competition. We hope that the law on infrastructure sharing will soon be adopted by the Parliament of Georgia," the company said.