09.Apr .2022 00:00

Belarus publishes list of 'unfriendly' countries, Ukraine not included

Belarus publishes list of 'unfriendly' countries, Ukraine not included
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Belarus has followed Russia's lead in creating a list of "unfriendly countries," but surprisingly, Ukraine isn't on it.

The Belarusian black list, shared on a Belarusian state media portal and reported on by Pravda, consisted of 13 specific items.

Topping the list is Australia, followed by every member state of the European Union.

Next on the list is Canada, followed by Liechtenstein, Norway, New Zealand, Albania, Iceland, Northern Macedonia, the UK, the US, Montenegro and Switzerland.

In early March, Belarus's close ally Russia also released a list of foreign states Moscow considered to have committed "unfriendly actions" against "Russia, Russian companies and citizens."

The countries, international organizations and territories considered "unfriendly" include: "Australia; Albania; Andorra; the United Kingdom, including Jersey, Anguilla, British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar; the member states of the European Union; Iceland; Canada; Liechtenstein; Micronesia; Monaco; New Zealand; Norway; South Korea; San Marino; North Macedonia; Singapore; the United States; Taiwan; Ukraine; Montenegro; Switzerland; and Japan."

Russia lists Taiwan as being part of China.

A complimentary item of legislation from Sunday states that Russian citizens and companies must apply for a special permit to deal with "unfriendly" foreign entities.

Further, Russian President Vladimir Putin later signed a decree introducing visa restrictions for citizens of countries that Moscow deems "unfriendly" in response to sanctions over Ukraine.

It is unclear if the Belarusian blacklist will have the same effect as the Russian list, or what consequences will befall these unfortunate countries.

Both Russia and Belarus have been hit with several sanctions following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, with many companies and organizations boycotting the two countries.

Russia's list reflects this by including many countries that have sanctioned Russia, its citizens and companies.

However, it is interesting that several of the states on Russia's list are not also on Belarus's list, such as Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Japan.

Ukraine, the invasion of which kickstarted all the sanctions and boycotts, was also absent. Why this is the case is not currently clear at this time, JPOST reports.