28.Feb .2023 10:30

Belgium freezes Russian assets worth EUR 58B

Belgium freezes Russian assets worth EUR 58B
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The Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Belgium has frozen Russian assets worth EUR 58 billion, which is the highest sum among other EU countries. The relevant statement was made on the web page of Belgian Deputy Prime Minister - Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

Additionally, the ministry blocked Russian financial transactions worth EUR 191 billion. In general, these measures affected 1,789 Russian entities and individuals who had been put on the blacklist.

Meanwhile, the Belgian customs intensified control over imports and exports in relation to Russia and Belarus. Currently, a total of 529 containers have been blocked to receive additional information on goods, and over 1,000 vehicles have been prevented from being sent to Russia.

Van Peteghem expressed support for close coordination within the EU regarding the application of sanctions. Thus, the Belgian Finance Ministry is in constant contact with the European Commission and other Member States, which often cite the approach of Belgium and its ministry as an example.