26.Feb .2021 20:30

Berdia Sichinava resigns and says "special thank you" to Giorgi Gakharia

Berdia Sichinava resigns and says "special thank you" to Giorgi Gakharia
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Berdia Sichinava is especially grateful to Giorgi Gakharia - the Deputy Head of the Government Administration has also resigned. BMG offers readers Berdia Sichinava's Facebook post:

"Friends, I have decided to resign from the position of Deputy Head of Government Administration.

It was a great honor for me to work in this position, especially in the face of difficult challenges, which made us even more responsible!
I want to express my sincere gratitude to the government administration staff, whose daily work has made it possible to deal with these challenges.
Thank you to everyone with whom I had a business relationship during this period and for our joint efforts in doing important things for the country.
I am sure this cooperation will continue in the future, no matter who, where, or in what position, because only the positions change, and the goals we serve - never!
Finally, I would like to express my special thanks to Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia - a man of great dignity, righteousness, and high principles, a manager of exceptional skills, and a true leader who has allowed me to work with him.
I am sure we will contribute to the reconstruction and development of our country in the future!
I wish success to the Georgian government and the future leadership of the administration! ”Berdia Sichinava wrote on her Facebook page.
Note: Kakha Kemoklidze, the head of the government administration, also resigned yesterday.