07.Feb .2023 18:00

Blueberry-A To Get The First Harvest This Year

Blueberry-A To Get The First Harvest This Year
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A new blueberry-producing company Blueberry-A appeared on the market. The company's gardens cover 13 hectares in Ozurgeti and Chokhatauri. The company will receive its first harvest in 2023.

Davit Doborjgenidze, the co-founder of the company, told BM.GE that they plan to expand the gardens and build a cold storage farm.

"We expect the first harvest of 50 tons in 2023. The company makes a focus on exports. We are already working on this direction and we are at the stage of finalizing the negotiations.

We plan to grow blueberry gardens on 7 hectares. We are also going to set up a cold storage facility and gain a certificate," says Davit Doborjgenidze.

The founder of Blueberry-A also talks about the challenges in the sector, and as he explains, the shortage of personnel and heavy rainfall were the main problems faced by the companies in 2022.

"2022 was a very bad year, as we had heavy rainfalls in Western Georgia than usual. This prevented both the planting of new gardens, as well as harvesting of products.

We have a shortage of workforce in the sector. We are trying to automate the system so that we need a minimum of number workers. We are working on introducing modern technologies," he explains.