15.Aug .2022 12:00

BOG CEO: There are Huge Opportunities in Logistics

BOG CEO: There are Huge Opportunities in Logistics
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The current situation in Georgia opens up huge opportunities in the field of logistics, Archil Gachechiladze, CEO of the Bank of Georgia says during his interview with BMG TV.

Omitting these resources would be disappointing, the CEO adds.

“Based on the current situation, I think there is a huge opportunity in logistics. The demand is very high. I think that the conditional winter in Russia due to the war and sanctions will last a long time. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the two quite large countries are looking for alternative routes. In this response enormous things need to be done and neglecting it would be disappointing,” Gachechiladze says.

In a meantime, Gachechiladze thinks that good projects can be developed in agriculture in terms of technological development, emphasizing that in this case "we are talking about scale." The CEO also highlited energy, as a sector with big opportunities. "The main thing here is to be prompt to act and do business,” says the CEO of the Bank of Georgia.