18.Jun .2021 14:30

Branch of US-Based Real Estate Consulting Company Yangzi Realty To Be Opened In Georgia

Branch of US-Based Real Estate Consulting Company Yangzi Realty To Be Opened In Georgia
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Real estate consulting and brokerage company Yangzi Realty International was founded in January 2021 by Avtandil Chkheidze, a Georgian living in the United States.

He has experience of 20 years in the real estate consulting sector. His goal is to combine this experience and bring together in one global company.

The Cushman & Wakefield, RIPCO Real Estate, Massey Knakal, ONE Commercial and others - this is an incomplete list of companies where Avtandil Chkheidze worked for years. Today, with the accumulated knowledge and experience, he decided to start his own business and introduce a new practice in real estate sales.

Avtandil Chkheidze explains that many companies operate merely in commercial or residential real estate sector in the US, as well as globally. However, Yangzi Realty International will combine these areas and offer a diversified portfolio to the customers.

"We officially registered the company in January, but we started operating in May and we have already taken specific projects in New York State, both in terms of residential and commercial space. Their marketing is currently underway. The company will not be focused only on the American market and its name derives from here. Yangtze is the largest river in China and hundreds of cities have been built on its shores. After capturing the American market, we want to find investors in the Asian market and thus expand the company's area, as well as offer American companies consulting in the Asian and European markets. The primary goal, of course, is to establish itself in the US and tap into the market. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida - we start our consulting and brokerage services in these states. Our goal is to grow organically, for which we will need to invest $ 1 million at an early stage. This financial resource will be fully spent on registering the company in each state and opening offices,” said the founder of Yangzi Realty.

Georgian real estate worker says that his relations with Georgia continues and they use Georgian human resources in Georgia for creating and forming the company. Accordingly, the company logo and website are made in Georgia. Avtandil Chkheidze says that after mastering the US market, the company plans to open a branch of the American Company in Georgia in the first quarter of 2022.

Moreover, Yangzi Realty has selected Spain as its target market after Georgia. The founder of the company says that this is part of their medium-term plans, although they have started working and studying the market.