21.Sep .2020 17:27

Brazil's Vice Minister of Tourism: Tourism has the biggest potential for growth


In the light of the UNWTO’s executive council (112th session), BMG got the opportunity to feature Brazil and its views on how to use the UNWTO to make the progress even smarter.

Brazil holds a chair of the Executive Council of UNWTO until 2021. Brazil has been a member of the World Tourism Organization since 1975, and a member of the Executive Council for five terms, making this country in a full position to talk about the role of the UNWTO.

Daniel Nepomuceno - Vice Minister of Ministry of Tourism, Brazil shared his views on the purpose of UNWTO and how tourism impacts the global economy.

- My first question is simple but unfortunately tough because of the coronavirus. Why does tourism matter in general and specifically for the economy?

I think that in the global economy, tourism has the biggest potential to grow. For example, look at Brazil - in 5 years, it has grown over 400 percent per month. In the domestic market, all the numbers have increased and have doubled in two years.

- In Brazil, the position of tourism in the country’s economy is essential. Brazil’s tourism is a part of world tourism as well. Is there a specific model as to what Brazil is doing to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic?

The government had to implement a very large development project and construct zones in Brazil. The government has acquired the most liberal policies. These policies helped the tourism sector go through these difficult times.

- We think of UNWTO as an essential structure, the sustainable worldwide structure itself. What is the role of UNWTO?

It is essential. The organization carries out a job for us - Brazil, Latin America, and others. This is not only about tourism. This organization brings us to Georgia and helps us make contacts and helps us represent our economy for those who do not know us. We wouldn’t be able to develop without UNWTO.