15.May .2020 18:31

Bricorama predicts a 30-40% decrease in annual sales

Bricorama predicts a 30-40% decrease in annual sales
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"The current events in the country had a huge impact on all companies working in the sectors, including Bricorama”, Kakhaber Sonishvili, financial director of Bricorama told him.

The Financial Director spoke about the current conditions in the company and challenges posed by the objective circumstances that the company is trying to overcome.

"As for the challenges, the first challenge was to launch an online sales system in the shortest possible time, and it's clear that we weren't ready for that.

Business structure and operational management have changed. In addition, we have to work remotely, it was also important to do this safely and to protect the health of our employees. We were able to provide all the security norms necessary for online sales in the shortest possible time“, Kakhaber Sonishvili explained.

According to the company's financial director, sales of "Bricorama" will be reduced to 30-40%.

"Of course, the current situation has a negative impact on the company's sales. Although Bricorama was the first to switch to the online sales system, it  did not help to maintain the sales pace. Respectively, Bricorama predicts a 30-40% decrease in annual sales,"- he says.