19.May .2022 13:00

British University in Georgia to host global advocacy leader Gerry Gunster

British University in Georgia to host global advocacy leader Gerry Gunster
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Gunster Strategies Worldwide and British University in Georgia are partnering to help educate key decision makers, upcoming leaders and university students on how to use international advocacy to influence change.

Global issue advocacy, if done correctly, can have a dramatic impact on governments, industries, organizations and individuals. Sometimes the stakes are survival itself. Gunster Strategies CEO Gerry Gunster will be a guest at the British University in Georgia to teach elected officials, opinion leaders, decision makers and students.

"Our mission is to become a modern platform for raising future leaders. We want to help transform society by adapting the British academic model to the academic environment of the Republic of Georgia," said Maia Gurgenidze, Rector of British University in Georgia. "Issue advocacy is a global language, and our students and leadership are eager to prepare for what lies ahead – that's why we're inviting Gerry to our capital city."

The one-week visit will include detailed lectures on conducting opinion research, media relations, coalition building, grassroots mobilization and modern day digital architecture.

This education process will be taught using "Issue Advocacy 101," an online course created by Gunster and other political experts and leaders. The class teaches students the process of running a winning national and international campaign, balancing facts with emotion to gain support, the significance of international advocacy and more.

Source: Yahoo