13.Dec .2019 11:51

"Business cannot move forward without educated people", - Tamaz Daushvili

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“Business cannot move forward without educated people. Business needs professionalism”, Tamaz Daushvili, CEO of DIO said in an interview with Forbes Georgia and noted that professional education is also very important, as there is a large shortage of professional education in Georgia today.

“Our company is happy to train factory staff, but there is no refined system in the country that connects interested young people with us through the professional training center. The key is to invest in the following generation. The priority is education. If we look at the skills of our young people - we will see that we are behind the other emerging countries", said Tamaz Daushvili.

However, in an interview with Forbes Georgia, he also spoke about the business environment in Georgia and noted that the goal should be simplified business environment, thus he supports implementation of the idea of a "business house".

“For more illustration, when a business is planning to build a new plant, it has to deal with different regulatory agencies and these agencies do not work in coordination. I think this problem will be set by the idea of a "business house". It was voiced earlier, but then it had been suspended (to note, acting government is not going to implement the project of Business House). In addition, business development is in line with the country's pace of development. If the economy is growing rapidly, then the motivation of business is getting larger”, said CEO of DIO.